Various types and shapes of abrasive consumable are used in vibratory deburring, grinding and polishing machines. These consumables are dedicated to remove sharp edges of the product after drilling, cutting, stamping, milling or other machining, also to descale or clean rust, to polish surfaces.

Consumable chips are selected individually for each treated product, taking into account the properties of the product, e.g., shape, dimensions, material, initial and desired final conditions. The abrasive chips should touch the entire surface of treated product, not get into gaps of the product also should easily separate from the product while sieving. The abrasive consumables should provide an optimal abrasion-grinding rate and long-life time.

Ceramic and plastic granules are being used most commonly. It can be produced in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hardness. For standard deburring operations round, oval or cylindrical abrasives are usually chosen. Rounded shape abrasives wear better and are less likely to break. Rounded and cylindrical ceramic granules have lower rate of decomposition. Triangle or star shaped abrasives are more suitable for deburring complex parts with hard-to-reach places. The abrasive chips of these shapes wear faster and are more likely to cracking.

The abrasive chips size is also important while choosing the right consumables for deburring, grinding or polishing. Smaller granules have more contact with the surface of the workpieces than larger ones. It makes the surface smoother and more attractive. On the other hand, the processing time is longer when polishing with small granules. It is because the finer granules treat the surface more gently. Parts treated with larger abrasive granules has rougher surface profile and faster processing time.

Ceramic chips
Ceramic abrasive chips
Plastiko granulÄ—s
Plastic granules
Porcelain abrasive chips
walnut shells
Organic granules
poliravimo priedas
Polishing additives

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