PantaTec ULTIMATE is an effective cleaning additive for abrasives. Greases and oils are released from the workpieces since metal products are short blasted. It contaminate the abrasive and the entire blasting system. Therefore, the blasting equipment can no longer work at full efficiency. PantaTec ULTIMATE quickly and efficiently absorbs and removes contaminants from abrasives, blasting system and from the surface of the processed workpiece. Abrasives recovers to initial purity in 30 – 60 min. Clean abrasives shot blast the workpiece surface much more efficiently and evenly. Using PantaTec ULTIMATE, the metal surface can be blasted without preliminary preparation (cleaning/washing) and it can be painted immediately after blasting without additional cleaning.




PantaTec ULTIMATE abrasive cleaning additive quickly and strongly absorbs oils released from the surface of treated metals. Absorbed pollutants are removed from the system together with abrasive dust through air separators and dust exhaust filters without clogging them. The additive does not contain solvents or other active substances, so it remains neutral in relation to other processes (e.g. anti-corrosion coating).




The time of the blasting process is reduced

Less energy is used

The cost of the product decreases

The required roughness and cleanliness of the product is achieved

The paint sticks more firmly

Less wear and tear on equipment

Removing grease reduces the risk of fire or explosion


Product details:


Form: fine grain

Composition: mineral

Color: light blue

Granulation: 0 – 1 (2) mm

Density: 2.0 kg/L

pH value: 7

Bulk density: 0.1 kg/L

Flammability: non-flammable

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