Centrifugal finishing machine

Centrifuginis vibro šlifuoklis

Centrifugal surface finishing machines are used for precise deburring and polishing process of small metal and non-metal parts.

Advantages of the KSM series:


· The speed of processing is 10 times faster than vibratory bowls.

· Centrifugal bowls are produced as hardened aluminium casting and provide ease of unloading thanks to their light alloy.

· High-volume bowls are easily unloaded with standard reducer.

· Unloading is optional in low-volume bowls.

· The housing is insulated against water or corrosion.

· Resistance to acidic environments with double layer epoxy paint.

· The basin and bowl gap is designed in the most suitable way and the VORTEX effect allows fast processing.

· Minimized service and spare parts costs thanks to the long-lasting basin-bowl gap.

· The parts can be separated by the sieve after deburring or polishing process. The separator is manufactured for KSM series and sieve plates can be changed to fit the required dimensions.

· All centrifugal finishing machines have standard electrical box, equipped with time control, speed control unit.

· All parts used in our machines are selected according to EU standards.


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